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TENS w/Timer

The MarsOne™ Dual Channel N602-1C TENS Pain Relief System is a highly versatile, personal TENS unit for home, work or travel. It's a powerful choice for a wide variety of muscle and joint pains, from small to big pains, when and where you need it most.

With dual channel functionality, surround your pain with four electrode pads. Then choose from three available modes: B(Burst), N(Normal) and M (Pulse Rate Modulation). With adjustable intensity control, finding you with immediate relief and assisting you to once again enjoy the normal everyday things in life.

MarsOne™ is available without a prescription and FDA cleared for safety. A simple, 100% drug-free solution targeted pain relief for a wide range of conditions including lower back, sciatica, arthritis, leg pain, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, lumbago, cervical, fractures, muscle and joint pain.


  • Very simple operation and easy to use
  • Dual channel output
  • Constant, modulation & burst modes
  • Variable pulse rate
  • Variable pulse width